BioGas & BioMass

In recent years, technologies such as wind and solar have been more in the focus of Greek and international investors and project developers. 

Biogas market in Greece

The attractive yields (0.225ct/kwh) and the sustainable raw materials from agriculture and the tourism industry lead to, that the bioenergy sector is now the industry with the greatest potential. Also, this sector enjoys priority of the energy suppliers and politics. Another advantage is that here apply fixed feed rates and terms of at least 20 years.

  • Planning of the new plant
  • Creation of an investment concept
  • Economic analysis
  • Search for the suitable location
  • Negotiation with municipalities, associations, residents and authorities
  • Negotiation of lease contracts
  • Foundation of project companies
  • Securing of raw materials
  • Obtaining all permits
  • Securing the feed point
  • Conclusion of the feed-in contracts
  • Turnkey handover

Our services

Hochreiter Biogas Partner

As one of the pioneers in the branche of biogas plants, Hochreiter Biogas proudly looks back on more than 30 years of experience.

Hochreiter Biogas invests since the early 1980s a lot of time and passion in the research and development of renewable energies on its own grounds.

Creating an energy with a future is the clear vision. Today, the brand Hochreiter stands for maximum reliability and efficiency.

As biogas plant manufacturer and planner, Hochreiter Biogas, meanwhile with biogas plants in Germany and more than 20 countries, is one of the world’s leading, innovative and established complete suppliers.

Ylicon represents Hochreiter Biogas as sole representative in the Greek market