National and international investments in the areas of agriculture and greenhouse cultivation in Greece are increasing significantly. Among others, a Dutch supplier of fruit and vegetables invest in 2019, about 100 million euros, (which are financed by Deutsche Bank), in a greenhouse about 50 ha.


Argiculture in Greece

Other big investments in this area are Selecta Germany in Kavala, Wonderplant in Drama, Lucia in Central Greece and many more.

High subsidies, low wages, favorable land -and energy costs and the good weather and soil conditions are just a few of the arguments that create the best conditions for investors.

  • Construction planning and consulting
  • Search for the suitable land area
  • Negotiation with municipalities, associations, residents and authorities
  • Negotiation of lease or purchase contracts
  • Grants and subsidy support
  • Foundation of the project company
  • Obtaining all permits
  • Energy consulting
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Support
  • Turnkey handover

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